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May 16, 2022

Wine and Cheese Tastings in Verbier

Have you ever tried Verbier cheese? If you’re familiar with Swiss cheese, you’ll love it. And if you pair it with a bottle of high-quality Verbier wine, you’re in for a real treat.

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Is there any food more famous in this world than Swiss cheese? 

Switzerland is known for making cheese that melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. You can’t talk about Swiss cuisine without talking about cheese. Anyone who has ever tried it can vouch for its authenticity and taste.

But there’s something that makes Swiss cheese even better – a glass of fine wine. After all, wine and cheese go together better than nearly any other food and drink pairing. 

And if we should pick one place in Switzerland where both the cheese and wine are exquisite, we would pick Verbier. This guide will help you find the best wine and cheese in Verbier.

Wine and cheese shops

If you want to taste cheese as you’ve never tasted before, you should definitely go to Fromagerie d’Etiez in Verbier. They have been creating and refining their own cheese recipes since 1998.

In addition, here are some great wine and cheese shops to visit:

  • Macbirch S.A. Rte de Verbier Station 49 
  • Le Chalet Gourmand. Pl. Centrale 2 
  • Vinabagnes. Rue de Médran 11 
  • Laiterie de Verbier. Rte de Verbier 138 
  • La Chaumière. Rue de Médran 2

Chalet d’Adrien wine tasting

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If you’re wondering what to do in Verbier, treat yourself with a nice glass of Verbier wine and visit Chalet d’Adrien. This winery has a rich family history and offers an experience you won’t forget. From wine tastings to picnics, they offer something for everyone.

Chalet d’Adrien employs a team of sommeliers who will help you find the perfect aroma in the perfect glass of wine. You can participate in a blind tasting and enjoy their pairing of “Bread – Wine – Cheese”. It’s time to treat your taste buds to something exquisite.

Wine rendez-vous

If you want to treat yourself to the wine workshop and tasting experience, this is a great option. You will receive a warm welcome and have the chance to see the presentation of wines and drink Verbier wine that was carefully selected by the sommelier.

Enjoy nature as you have your first taste and lunch in the middle of the vineyards. The menu for this occasion is prepared by the Chef at the Chalet d’Adrien. Apart from lunch in the vineyard, you will have the chance to visit the wine workshop.

Tastes and terroir

Your stay in Verbier is not complete if you don’t treat yourself to some exquisite Verbier cheese at the Château de Villa. There, you will have the chance to enjoy an aperitif and amuse-bouche in their tasting room. In this room, you will have the option of choosing between more than 500 hand-selected fine wines.

As for the cheese, you will have the opportunity to sample five different varieties of local raclette. Not only will this be an experience for your taste buds but for your eyes as well as you will do this in a restaurant located within a 17th-century castle.

The wine route

For those who want to discover Valais and its beautiful vineyards, there’s no better activity to do than take the wine route. Take in the fresh air either by foot or bicycle and discover Verbier wine like never before.

You have two options to choose from. One is to take the pedestrian route, which consists of a hiking trail that is 66 kilometers long. The other is to take the cycle route, which is 83 kilometers long. Whichever one you opt for, you will have a view of the beautiful vineyards at an altitude of 450 to 800 meters.

Verbier wine festival

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If you visit Verbier from July 1 to 8, 2022, you will be in for a real treat – the first-ever Verbier wine festival. Let’s go through some of the events you can take part in.

Hexabar, 120 wines by the glass

At the heart of Verbier, there is a pop-up wine bar called Hexabar that is dedicated to meetings and tastings. Here, you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere and high-quality service while sipping on the best wines from various regions.

Each night is dedicated to a wine from a different region. This will be paired with wonderful appetizers.

The enigma of alpine wines

On Saturday, July 2, 2022, come and taste the dishes prepared by Jérôme Henry. He is the chef of one of the best restaurants in Verbier, Pall Mall. While you enjoy your meal, you will be served wine carefully chosen by ampelologist José Vouillamoz.

40 years of Petite Arvine at Provins

If you’re a lover of white wine, come enjoy Petite Arvine on July 4, 2022. This white grape variety produces both dry and sweet wine that has a citrusy aroma. At this event, you can drink Petite Arvine wine from various years of production, dating back all the way to 1974.

Wine, a story of perfumes

On Sunday, July 3, 2022, come and experience an event that was created by Romain Maillot, an exquisite chef, and Richard Pfister, a renowned oenologist and perfumer. Feast on Alpine dishes with cheese that are paired up with some of the best wine the region has to offer.

Pop-up restaurant, Mathieu Biolaz

Taste the delicious cuisine of Chef Mathieu Biolaz, who works at the Restaurant Les Touristes. The dishes are coupled with wine chosen by perfumer and oenologist, Richard Pfister. The young yet experienced chef and the passionate wine expert are on a mission to make this meal an unforgettable one.

Pop-up restaurant, Grégoire Antonin

For this enjoyable meal, you will be sat around an ephemeral table and enjoy the gourmet local cuisine of Chef Grégoire Antonin. The wine for this event was chosen by sommelier Michele Caimotto.

Exceptional Alpine terroirs

On Thursday, July 7, 2022, come to taste the cuisine of Chef Michele Caimotto who has 15 years of experience working in luxury hotels and restaurants all over the world. Couple that with a glass of Verbier wine chosen and it will be the perfect meal.

Laiterie de Verbier

If you want to try Verbier cheese that has tradition built into the taste, you need to visit Laiterie de Verbier, a family-run cheese shop in Verbier. Roger and his son Marc will show you amazing hospitality and even better service.

This establishment has even won the Swiss Cheese Awards multiple times, so you can be sure their products are high-quality. The Laiterie de Verbier is very client-centric and the staff there will ensure you will get the experience you deserve.

Cheese fondue in Verbier

People dipping bread in a fondue pot
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Regardless of how much fondue you have tried in your life, it probably didn’t come close to cheese fondue in Verbier. As you probably already know, fondue is one of the staples of Swiss food culture. There is nothing better on a cold winter’s day on a mountain than a hot pot full of fondue.

Verbier is famous for its rich gastronomy scene and there are multiple places where you can get quality fondue Verbier cheese. Some of our top picks include Chez Dany, Cabane de Mont-Fort, Marlenaz, and Le Carrefour.

Cheesemaking workshop

Have you ever wondered how Bagnes cheese is made? It’s a fascinating process and if you visit this cheese workshop in Verbier, you will learn the entire step-by-step method. Learn how milk becomes a “Tomme de Bagnes” cheese, make some Tomme cheese yourself, and take it home at the end of the day.

Learn how Swiss cheese is made

Another way you can learn how cheese is made is to visit the cheese dairy of Etiez. There, you will be able to take in the beauty of the Col du Tronc mountain pasture and see the traditional Hérens cows. After the guided tour, you will have a cheese tasting session.

Mini train cheese discovery tour

If you want to learn more about Verbier cheese in a way that’s fun for the entire family, you will love this mini train cheese discovery tour. In this particular tour, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about raclette, how it’s made, and its rich history.

You will take the mini train from Le Châble to Bruson, which will take you through mesmerizing landscapes and mountain pastures. When you reach Villette, you will have the opportunity to go on a guided tour of the Forge Oreiller.


Even though Verbier is best known for being one of the most popular ski resorts in the world, it has a lot to offer to cheese and wine lovers. If you aren’t someone who wants to spend all the time on the slopes, you might be the type of person to enjoy a local Verbier wine shop. So pack your bags and head to one of the most famous ski resorts in all of Switzerland and probably the world. And if you would like to have the chance to eat amazing cheese and drink delicious wine all the time, why not look at Verbier real estate for sale? We have some amazing properties listed on our website.

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