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April 4, 2021

Best Restaurants in Verbier

Meal with chicken served in the restaurant

Verbier is a world-known resort and a skier’s paradise. However, it is also a place perfect for people who just want to enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery because it’s filled with great tourist spots. No matter what reason you have for coming to Verbier, an unforgettable vacation is guaranteed.

And while you’re there, after a long day at the slopes, you’ll probably be hungry and want to visit one of the many restaurants Verbier has to offer. It’s impossible to pick just one of them as they’re all great in their ways, so we created a list of some of the best ones.

La Marlenaz

La Marlenaz restaurant exterior

La Marlenaz is the perfect restaurant for those who are looking to try traditional Swiss cooking while surrounded by nature. It’s located at an altitude of 1895 meters and has a panoramic view of the resort of Verbier as well as the Massif des Combins.

There, you will be able to choose from many delicious traditional Swiss dishes, all of which include a modern twist. The menu at La Marlenaz includes homemade pasta, local dishes, in-house specialties, as well as a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic desserts.

Le Mouton Noir

Le Mouton Noir is a gourmet restaurant that serves both Swiss and French cuisine but with a modern and contemporary touch. It has an elegant dining room as well as a stunning setting, as it’s located in a spot that overlooks the mountains and guarantees an exquisite view.

All of the dishes on their menu are delicious and filling, but they’re best known for their specialty which is Beef Tournedos served on a hot stone. It’s also the perfect place for the entire family and offers a children’s menu.

La Table d’Adrien

La Table d’Adrien restaurant in Verbier interior

Located in the heart of Verbier, La Table d’Adrien is a place where you can enjoy fine dining with an Italian twist. Mirto Marchesi, the head chef at the restaurant, prepares dishes that are inspired by Swiss, French, and Italian cuisine, all of which are a combination of elegance, innovation, and style.

They use local produce and international delicacies in all of their dishes and even have a selection of set tasting menus, one of which is based on regional specialties. To top it off, the restaurant has a Michelin star.

Eat-Hola Tapas

If you’re in the mood for some world-class tapas, you can find them in Eat-Hola Tapas where they will be prepared for you by the restaurant’s 2 Michelin star chef, Sergi Arola. The restaurant itself is a part of the W Verbier Hotel, but you’re still welcome to dine there as a non-guest.

The menu is innovative and offers a wide selection of hot and cold tapas, but you can also ask the chef to prepare you a special dish with your favorite flavors.

Le Sonalon

At a high point above Verbier, you’ll find Le Sonalon, which is one of the best-placed restaurants Verbier has to offer. It’s accessible by road and it overlooks the resort and the pistes. It’s also a very family-friendly restaurant that welcomes dogs and has an outdoor children’s play area that’s available in the summer.

It’s a very popular spot and can often be booked up as it only has 55 indoor seats and 100 more on the terrace that is only available during the summer months. Their specialties include locally reared veal and beef, cheeses, and regional produce, but they also have children’s and vegetarian menus.

La Pergola

If you’re looking for something other than fine dining, and would just like to see the pasta dishes and pizza Verbier has to offer, La Pergola is the perfect place for you. They have an impressive number of pizza and pasta options that are bound to satisfy everyone.

La Cordee

La Cordee restaurant Verbier exterior

La Cordée is one of the in-hotel restaurants Verbier has and its interiors pay respect to the mountain environment with its wooden beams, flagstone flooring, and full-length shuttered windows. But there are also some contemporary elements like an open kitchen plan and cozy booths.

One of the most distinctive features they have is the large central bar where you can enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail or drink some samples with your friends. As for the food choices, the restaurant is best known for its French cuisine and fresh flavors.


Another bar Verbier locals and tourists love to visit is Vinabagnes, the home of Swiss wines. If you’re interested in exploring local wines while in Verbier you can’t find a better place to do that than this spot. They offer wine tasting of two local red wines and two local whites.

While there, you can buy wine to take home with you, or to drink in their cozy inside area during the winter and on the terrace during the summer.

V Bier Brewery

Verbier V brewery Bier tanks interior

The Vie Montagne restaurant in Verbier offers a V Bier Brewery and Brewery Tour where you can explore the only microbrewery in Verbier. The tours are held every Wednesday and Saturday during July and August.

Not only will you learn how the beers are made, but you will also have the opportunity to taste their full range. The special ingredient in their beer that makes it so special is the fresh Verbier mountain water they use.

Les Gentianes

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best restaurants Verbier has to offer is Les Gentianes, which is the second-highest restaurant in the 4 Valleys region. It’s located at an altitude of 2,950 meters and the view is just as amazing as the food.

The menu is tailored to fit everyone’s dietary preferences and restrictions. On the menu, you’ll find vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free dishes. They also have an amazing children’s play area on the terrace with a trampoline, bouncy castle, and swings.

Best dishes to try in Verbier

Every restaurant Verbier has to offer has a wide variety of signature dishes that are appetizing and mouth-watering. However, you won’t be able to try absolutely everything on every menu, even if it all seems amazing. That is, unless you’re planning to do nothing else on your vacation except eating.

While there might be some dishes you already want to try such as the special pizza Verbier locals have perfected, there are still some meals that might not be on your radar but you shouldn’t miss out on.

These four traditional meals are something every tourist needs to try while in Verbier:

  • Rösti. This dish is made with grated potatoes with onions and bacon, or mushrooms if you’re eating the vegetarian version. It’s predominantly enjoyed in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland. This is traditionally a breakfast meal that’s very hearty and perfect to eat before a long day of skiing.
  • Fondue. This dish of hot melted cheese inside a huge pot is probably one of the most iconic dishes of the Alpine regions, and you can find fondue in most Verbier restaurants. While the recipe may vary from place to place, the dish is usually prepared from local cheeses such as Beaufort and Gruyere.
  • Italian food. Delectable Italian dishes such as risotto, pizza, pasta, and carpaccios are something you shouldn’t miss while in Verbier, especially if you pair them with a glass of local wine. Verbier is home to some authentic Italian restaurants that serve delicious and authentic food any Italian would approve of.
  • Pierre-Chaud. If you’re a meat lover, don’t miss out on the Pierre-Chaud, which translates to hot rock. This meal consists of a wide selection of raw meats which is placed on a red-hot slate until it’s cooked to perfection. When you order the dish at a restaurant, they’ll allow you to choose any seasonings and sauces you like.

Covid-19 notice

Even though we’re currently still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean you can’t come to Verbier on vacation. You can rest assured that you can have a healthy and safe holiday, as the entire resort is compliant with all the health guidelines that guarantee a safe and comfortable trip.

You can check out all the adaptations due to sanitary measures as well as a lot of helpful ideas and advice that can allow you to return home after your vacation with nothing but great memories. As long as you follow all the rules and regulations that are there to keep you and others safe, you won’t have any issues.

Final thoughts

After looking at our list of restaurants Verbier offers, you’re probably already getting hungry. No matter if you’re looking for a local bar in Verbier, a place to sit down and have a gourmet meal, or somewhere where you can have a traditional Italian dish, your options are certainly not limited.

Of course, everyone has different tastes and while you might not enjoy one or two places we mentioned on this list, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect one for you. And after all that food, you’ll need a place to relax and lie down, so take a look at our list of real estate for rent and book your accommodation today.