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November 23, 2020

Top 11+ Winter Activities in Verbier

If you’re looking for a holiday destination where you can spend quality time with your loved ones but also engage in multiple exciting activities, look no further than Verbier. Located in Switzerland’s Val de Bagnes and placed on a sunny plateau at 1,500m, Verbier is heaven on earth for nature lovers.

There are a variety of winter activities in Verbier perfect for everyone, no matter if they’re an experienced skier or are just looking to have some fun in the snow. No matter your age, skill level, and interest, you can definitely find an activity in Verbier that will keep you entertained.


people skiing and snowboarding in Verbier

Probably the biggest attraction in Verbier is actually its enormous skiing and snowboarding area, Les 4 Vallées. The entire area consists of almost a hundred ski pistes of different levels, a gorgeous snow park, and multiple cross-country ski and winter walking trails, all of which make Verbier skiing unforgettable.

If you’re not an experienced skier, you can learn at a ski school Verbier. These schools have qualified teachers and make learning to ski fun.

  • Skischule Fantastique. This school is ideal for those who want to learn off-slope skiing from an experienced teacher that will also accompany them on regular slopes and help them improve their skills.
  • Adrenaline Ski School. For parents who want to enroll their children in a good ski school that will take care of their security and make learning fun, this is the right choice. There is also a course for adults who are still beginners and want to improve their skills.
  • Altitude Ski School Verbier. The Altitude Verbier ski school is an ideal place for people of all ages and skill levels. Children can learn to ski in playful and small groups while adults can join group classes or book private one-on-one ski lessons.
  • Vivid Snowboard School Verbier. If you’re a bigger fan of snowboarding, Vivid caters to both children and adults who want to improve their skills.

To find the best time to visit Verbier and get the most out of the amazing snowy weather that’s perfect for skiing and snowboarding, check out Verbier snow report.

Verbier ski piste map
Verbier ski map


man heli-skiing

For those looking for a good adrenaline rush and enjoy advanced skiing, you’ll be happy to learn that Verbier offers heli-skiing for its best runs with outstanding views. A qualified guide will lead you through fantastic popular destination descents such as Rosablanche (3314m) and Petit Combin (3,663m).

You can enjoy these and other unforgettable runs far away from crowds in the most authentic mountain scenery you could ever wish for. And if you’re looking for an even bigger thrill, you can combine a helicopter drop with ski touring for a truly unforgettable experience.

Off-piste skiing

man skiing off-piste

Verbier is one of the best resorts in the Alps when it comes to off-piste skiing, as the extensive region offers a lot of possibilities during the Verbier skiing season. Off-piste skiing is a great experience for expert skiers, but before you venture into the activity, keep the following things in mind:

  • No matter how experienced you are, you should always hire a guide.
  • Take a course in avalanche awareness for your own safety.
  • Check the weather and avalanche forecasts for the area before skiing.
  • Listen to the advice offered by Verbier off-piste guides about ski paths you shouldn’t take.
  • Plan out your route carefully and assess all elements of danger.
  • Attach a transceiver to yourself, make sure it’s on, and that the signal is working.

Interested in off-piste skiing but don’t have a place to stay? Take a look at our Verbier chalet for sale to find the best accommodation in the area.


woman snowshoeing

If you aren’t interested in skiing activities, you may find snowshoeing fun. What started as a mode of transportation thousands of years ago is now a popular recreational activity. You can take a guided snowshoeing excursion and enjoy Verbier’s beautiful mountain scenery.

Before you go snowshoeing, you should look at the snow forecast. And if you want to see what kind of scenery you can expect, take a look at these Verbier webcams.

Ice climbing

man Ice climbing

Verbier is renowned for its frozen waterfalls, which makes the area perfect for ice climbing. If you want to try out this activity, you can do so in the area of Val des Bagnes. No matter if you’re a beginner or a novice ice climber, there are routes for everyone’s skill level.

Guides will find the best section for you, as there are a number of waterfalls you can climb on. The ice conditions determine which ones you can climb on a particular day.

Husky sledding

man and husky sledding on the mountain

Another fun and exciting activity for non-skiers is husky sledding. If you’re a dog lover who wants to explore Verbier’s amazing forests and mountains, choose this activity to be pulled by a team of 8 dogs while you enjoy a panoramic tour of Verbier.

There are half-day and full-day trips. Keep in mind that you will do a lot of the work here, so make sure you’re in good shape. There is also a panorama tour that’s ideal for families and lasts for 45 minutes where a guide does the driving.


children tobogganing in the winter

Sledding and tobogganing are always a fun activity, but this becomes a completely different experience when you try it out in an actual ski resort. When you visit Verbier, you can try out their 10 km long sledding track that has 848 meters of vertical descent.

You can rent a toboggan with breaking levers so you can control the speed in which you’re sledding, and have an amazing time going down the longest sledge run in French-speaking Switzerland.

Heli sightseeing

helicopter and young couple at the mountain top

Out of all the possible ways you can appreciate Verbier’s beauty, seeing it from a helicopter is undoubtedly the most unique and breathtaking way to do it. Take a helicopter sightseeing tour to have an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

To make things even better, the carrier service Kando Experience will make this experience even more memorable by organizing a fine-dining lunch atop a Glacier of your choice. This comes with lavish fur rugs, complimentary champagne, and seats built into the snow.

Apres-ski fitness & yoga

women doing yoga on the snow

If you’re the type of person who realizes the benefits of regular exercise even while on Verbier ski holidays, there is a perfect solution. The Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats offer après-ski fitness sessions that are open to everybody and a great way to keep in shape.

There are one-on-one training and private group training sessions that are done in a studio space, but you can also opt for outdoor training if you want to soak in the scenery while working out. There is something for everybody, including altitude running trails, core conditioning, and bodyweight strength training, as well as yoga.

Spa treatment

spa in a hotel

After a long day of fun but strenuous activities, you’ll probably need a place where you can rest and recuperate. That is exactly why you should visit some of the prestigious and lavish spa Verbier venues (Spa by Valmont, Spa Elemis) that both guests and visitors can use.

Head to one of the steam rooms to unwind in peace, relax in a Jacuzzi, and get a relaxing massage treatment from a highly qualified practitioner.

Attend Verbier events

Freeride World Tour skiing

There is a lot more to Verbier than just its snow-based activities. During the winter season, there are many events for you to enjoy, such as:

  • Polaris Verbier Festival, an amazing electronic music festival that occurs in late November or early December and lasts from early afternoon until midnight.
  • The Verbier Art Summit, an event that takes place at the end of January and brings together some of the most influential artists in the world.
  • Xtreme Verbier, which takes place at the end of March and features the best free-riders on the planet who are trying to win the title of World Champion in the Freeride World Tour on the Bec des Rosses.

Bonus activities

When you want to take a little break from all of these activities but still want to do something with your free time, consider some of these bonus activities.


Paraglide over Verbier and enjoy the scenic view as you sore through the skies. Paragliding is usually found among summer activities, but in Verbier it takes a whole new dimension. Just imagine starting off on skis and then taking off the snow to fly over the area. And for those with a bigger adventurous spirit, you should try skydiving.

Sports center

Practice your favorite sports in multiple modern facilities of Verbier’s amazing sports center – Centre Sportif Verbier. Some of the facilities in the sports center include:

  • 600 m² climbing wall
  • Complete sports hall
  • Swimming pool
  • Two squash courts
  • Indoor and outdoor tennis courts


For movie lovers, Verbier offers a cinema that was built way back in 1956. It is a rococo-style cinema with 440 seats in total, 150 of which are on the balcony. It even has a 4K and 3D projector.


After a long day of skiing and snowboarding, you’ll probably be hungry, so you should treat yourself to a nice meal. Have lunch at La Marlenaz and later have drinks at W Verbier to enjoy some of the best dining Verbier offers.


Winter in Verbier is a beautiful period everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. And if you choose Verbier as the destination for your holiday even only once, you’ll definitely return. With its beautiful scenery and many amazing activities, Verbier is a true heaven on earth.

There’s no denying that there is something for everyone in Verbier, no matter your age and preferences. If you’re ready to have an unforgettable winter vacation, choose your favorite activities, find a Verbier chalet rental, and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.