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March 18, 2021

Davos Alternative: Benefits of Choosing Verbier for Vacation

Most skiing aficionados have Switzerland at the top of their wish list for many reasons. The low-altitude mountains and sky-high peaks guarantee an unforgettable experience. This country is probably best known for being the home of some of the largest and most luxurious winter resorts.

People from all over the world flock to Switzerland to enjoy these resorts, spending their days skiing and their nights enjoying the après-ski world. So, the question isn’t whether or not you should visit Switzerland, but rather which of these amazing resorts you should stay at.

For a lot of people, Davos is a good choice, but if you’re looking for an even better alternative, we suggest Verbier. Here’s why.


Mountain in Davos

Davos is officially the highest town in Europe as well as one of the best-known ski resorts in Switzerland. The town itself has a rich history that can be traced back to 1213 when that area of Switzerland was an immigration spot for the Rhaeto-Roman community.

Tourism in the town peaked in the early-to-mid-1900s but has significantly slowed down since then, making Davos a less crowded tourist spot. The city is located in Graubünden and has access to 56 lifts, 85 ski runs, and a total of five separate ski areas that spread out on both sides of the valley.

Those ski areas cater to nearly all skill levels but not equally, as the runs are divided into 23% intermediate, 42% advanced, and 35% expert. Unfortunately, there aren’t any runs that cater to beginners so if you’re not too comfortable on skies, you won’t find a suitable run.

Advanced to expert skiers and snowboarders, on the other hand, can enjoy seemingly endless terrain with a descent from nearly 9,000 feet. Just keep in mind that Davos’ expanse is practically never-ending, so you need to be a seasoned skier to find your way.

However, that’s not to say that a non-skier won’t have anything to do in Davos, as vacationers who are just looking for some off-mountain activities still have something interesting to do. You can go on a family-friendly sleigh ride, speed down the tobogganing hills, or visit Europe’s largest outdoor rink.

And as for weather conditions, snow is practically guaranteed every year, as this area is located in the Alps. However, there is also the snow-making capability for the lower part of the mountain just in case the town sees a low snowfall year.


Verbier panorama

Verbier is a village located in southwestern Switzerland on a sunny plateau in the Four Valleys ski area. This means Verbier is linked to Nendaz, Veysonnaz, and Thyon. This is one of the largest ski resorts in Europe and is situated between Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.

This village is known for being a hotspot for tourists, whether they’re celebrities or regular people looking for a good time, as well as after some of the most renowned Swiss skiing. It stands at a height of 5,000 feet with peaks that reach nearly 11,000 feet in elevation, making it a dream vacation spot for skiers.

Verbier has both quantity and quality of the skiable terrain (impressive 400 acres), including 37 runs and 39 lifts. Its pistes are well-known all over the world, but so are all of the off-piste runs such as Marlenaz, Croix de Coeur, and Col des Mines, which are often explored by experts.

What’s good about Verbier is that, while it caters most to intermediate skiers, it has pistes for people of all skill levels starting from beginners all the way to experts. There is even a renowned ski school at the resort that caters to guests of all ages and skill levels.

Of course, non-skiers also have many activities to choose from such as tennis, ice hockey, skating, squash, swimming, and curling, just to name a few. And even if you don’t feel like doing any activity, you can also access nearby cities such as Lausanne and Montreux by public transport and explore.

Finally, Verbier’s apres-ski is also well known all around the world, offering visitors 60 restaurants as well as 15 nightclubs and pubs.

How does Verbier compare to Davos?

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While both Verbier and Davos have a lot to offer to their visitors and are very similar at first glance, it’s important to compare the two because even the smallest differences can mean a lot, especially if you’re an experienced skier.

Skiing opportunities

Let’s start with skiing, which is the reason why most people visit these resorts in the first place.

When it comes to the skiable area in the resorts, Davos has 320 km and Verbier has 200 km. However, as we already mentioned, Verbier has more off-piste runs so naturally, more skiing opportunities. Additionally, Verbier has more ski slopes.

Skiing in Verbier comes with more choices, as there are 100 ski slopes available at the resort while Davos only has 85.

Verbier has 15 more medium-difficulty trails than Davos. And for the low-difficulty trails, Verbier has 35 while Davos has 24. However, as for the number of difficult trails in each resort, Davos has the upper hand with 21 trails while Verbier has 10.

Ski pass cost

Both resorts offer a daily ski pass that gives you all access to the slopes and trails. In Davos, the price of this pass is $51 while in Verbier it’s $55. However, for those 4 extra dollars, you have access to 15 more slopes in total.


If you’re hoping to see a lot of snow on your vacation, the weather in Verbier is ideal for you, since the town sees more snowfall during the winter months.


Many people want to know how to get to Verbier and Davos, and both resorts are the easiest to reach by plane.

As for transportation to the resort, both resorts are nearly identically distant from the airport. Verbier is 160km away while Davos is 148 km away, but it’s also important to note that Verbier is accessible by public transportation while Davos is not.

It’s not smart to drive to a mountain resort due to the rough terrain. Those who don’t want to rent out an airport shuttle and would love to save some money and see the scenery will appreciate Verbier’s public transportation.

Mountain height

The higher the mountain, the better. High mountains offer longer pistes, better snowfall, and more spectacular views. Once again, Verbier comes on top in this category as well with its highest point being 1830 meters while Davos’ highest point is 1724 meters.

The summit height above sea level which has a great influence on snow is also higher in Verbier. In Davos, the height is 2843 meters and in Verbier it’s 3300 meters, which explains why Verbier sees more snow during the year.

Restaurants and bars

Vacationers in Davos have slightly more dining and going out opportunities, as they have a total of 102 restaurants and bars in total, out of which 50 are located directly on the slopes. Verbier trails behind with 70 restaurants in total, 22 of which are on the slopes.

When it comes to this category, it’s important to decide if you’re choosing between quality and quantity. While the restaurants and bars in Davos are excellent, everybody knows that Verbier is famous for its apres-ski and it’s easy to find the best cuisine in Verbier.

So if you want to have more choices, visit Davos. But if you want an unforgettable time, Verbier is the perfect place for you.

What are the similarities?

Certain facts are the same when comparing Verbier and Davos, which are also important for comparison purposes. To get a full picture, here’s what these two famous resorts have in common:

  • Months open yearly. Both of these tourist destinations are open for 5 months in total, which is how long a regular ski season in Switzerland lasts.
  • Opening hours. Verbier and Davos operate for 8 hours during the day.
  • Smoking ban. Since Switzerland banned smoking in enclosed areas, neither of these resorts permits smoking in closed public spaces.
  • Is child-friendly. Children are welcome in Verbier and Davos, and both resorts even have dedicated children’s areas.

Where to stay in Verbier?

When it comes to your winter holiday, you deserve to stay in the best possible tourist destination. And that, considering all the facts presented in this article, is Verbier.

Even though Davos has a lot to offer, Verbier beats it because it has more snow, better skiing opportunities, it’s easily accessible by public transport, and sits on a higher mountain.

There are many more reasons why Verbier is the superior choice, but you will find that out when you finally visit it and see for yourself. As for where you should stay, the ABC Real Estate Agency has plenty of real estate on sale you should definitely check out if you want to come to Verbier every year.