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December 1, 2021

Camping in Verbier

A group of people sitting around a campfire
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Camping is a great outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, friends, families, or just by yourself if you want to get in touch with Mother Nature. There are many benefits to camping, but to make sure you get the best possible experience, you need to know where to camp.

Verbier is one of the best places where you can go camping. Not only is Switzerland filled with beauty wherever you turn but there are also a lot of family hikes in and around Verbier. If you want to know more about camping in Verbier, you’ve come to the right place.

Why camping is great

Tents in a forest
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Camping has a lot of benefits and it can help you live a long and happy life. Let’s go through just some of the reasons why camping is so amazing.

A lot of fresh air

Being out in nature and spending a lot of time around trees and other plants allows you to take in more oxygen and breathe much better than in any city. Fresh air is actually very scarce in your day-to-day life, especially if you live somewhere with high levels of pollution.

It improves your mood

If you have camped before, you probably realized that you’re always in a much better mood and less stressed out when you return from camping than you were before. This is because spending a lot of time outside in the sun can even out the levels of melatonin you have in your brain.

Melatonin is the chemical that is responsible for making you feel tired and depressed, so exposure to sunlight in a stress-free environment such as a campsite can significantly improve your mood.

Additionally, exposure to sunshine also allows you to take in a lot of Vitamin D which will increase serotonin levels in your body.

It allows you to make better connections

No matter if you’re going with friends or your family, you will be able to strengthen the bonds between yourself and the people you are taking along on this journey. Disassociating from all the troubles of the modern world and working as a team together in nature will do wonders for the group.

And if you’re taking your kids with you, see camping as a learning opportunity and teach them everything you know about nature, or enroll them in a scouting program.

Camping tips to keep you safe and healthy

A woman sitting on a camping chair in the woods
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There are many activities to do in Verbier year-round and if you opted for camping, that’s a great choice. But before you pack up your things and head to a campsite, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when taking advantage of the camping Verbier has to offer.

Make sure you know how to set up your tent

If you never set up a tent before, don’t be fooled into believing it’s an easy task to do, no matter what the box you bought it in says. Nobody is born as a camping professional and if you don’t have any experience, practice setting up the tent either in your yard or your living room.

Know what kind of weather to expect

Keep an eye out on the weather forecast for at least a week leading up to your camping trip to make sure you know what kind of weather you should expect. Even though the weather forecast isn’t always 100% reliable, it will still give you a good idea of what you need to prepare for.

That being said, you should always be prepared for bad weather and bring waterproof clothing, warm clothes and hats, as well as sun protection since the sun can be harsh at high altitudes.

Prepare campfire-friendly meals beforehand

Going camping means you won’t have access to a big kitchen filled with modern appliances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well when you’re out in nature. If you don’t want your meals to consist of meals in a can, bring food that can be easily made over a campfire.

There are many recipes online for campfire-friendly foods, just look at your options and decide what you and your camping companions would enjoy the most.

Bring a first aid ki

There are very low chances of you actually needing to use it, but it’s always smart to bring a first aid kit wherever you go camping just in case. Accidents happen all the time and you need to have the basic tools that will allow you to clean and bandage cuts and wounds.

Think about lighting

You won’t have the luxury of just flipping a switch and turning on lights when you’re camping so think about what type of lighting source you want to bring on your trip. You can bring a headlight, a hand-held torch, or even fairy lights if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere.

And make sure to check if your unit has a convenient place where you can hang a lantern because if not, you will need a free-standing light.

Bring something for entertainment

Something a lot of people forget is that there is a lot of downtime while you’re camping. While the point of camping is to get away from your busy day-to-day life and relax in nature, after a while you will probably start feeling bored.

That is why you should always pack some board games, a pack of cards, or some outdoor games that will help keep you and your family entertained.

Camping Verbier

Tents on a campsite
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Verbier has some amazing campsites and huts you can stay in during your camping trip, so let’s go through some of them.

Cabane du Mont-Fort

This refuge in Verbier is open from the end of June until the end of September and it can accommodate up to 58 people. Every room is equipped with a hot shower and there is a restaurant on site that offers day-long warm catering.

Camping Forêt des Mélèzes et village Sioux

This campsite is located in Bonatchiesse, a 30-minute car ride from Verbier, and sits at an altitude of 1600m. Here you can enjoy semi-wild camping and sleep in a double canvas Europeanised tipi while also enjoying modern amenities such as showers, Wi-Fi, toilets, and a barbeque.

Cabane FXB Panossière

Sitting at an altitude of 2645m, this mountain refuge offers to spend the night in a magnificent landscape, but booking in advance is required. The amenities offered are a pay shower and a shared WC.

Cabane Brunet

This refuge is open from the beginning of December to the end of April and from the beginning of June to the beginning of October. It offers a cozy and traditional camping experience. Guests sleep in a dormitory and also receive breakfast and dinner.

Louvie Hut  

If you love lakeside camping, this hut that is open from June until the end of September will amaze you. The mountain location is perfect and the lake view is breathtaking.

Camping de Champsec

This friendly campsite is located near the Verbier ski station in the center of Bagnes Valley and it overlooks the Combins Mountains. It sits on the edge of a pine forest and rests between mountains and rivers, which makes this place ideal for both mountain bikers and hikers.

Cabane de Chanrion

Located in the Haut Val de Bagnes at the end of the Mauvoisin dam and sitting at an altitude of 2,462m is this beautiful, freshly renovated mountain refuge. It has a bright dining room, comfortable dormitories, and a modern interior.


This unusual campsite is located in the middle of the countryside surrounded by nature and one of its biggest appeals is that the tents are suspended in the trees at a height of approximately 1m. The campsite is also equipped with toilets, a fireplace, chairs and a table, and small equipment such as candles and blankets.

Camping du Botza Campsite, Vetroz

This campsite is located in Vétroz, a 50-minute drive from the center of Verbier. The campsite has a mini-market, an outdoor pool, a restaurant, and a kid’s playground. You can rent out a wooden bungalow to sleep in, pitch your own tent, or sleep in a campervan.


There are a lot of opportunities for camping Verbier has to offer, and if you’re a nature lover and want to spend a night or two in the wild, there’s no place better for that than Verbier. Not only does it have seemingly unlimited nature for you to admire, but it also has some great campsites.

Just before you pack up your tent and sleeping bag, don’t forget to make all the necessary preparations to ensure you stay healthy and safe. And if you want to have a more permanent residence in Verbier than just a tent under the stars, take a look at Verbier real estate for sale, where we list the best properties in Verbier.