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August 3, 2021

Best Mountain Bike Tours in Verbier

mountain bike trails map of Verbier

Mountain biking in the Swiss Alps is an amazing experience, especially if you do it in a place as beautiful as Verbier. This holiday resort has some of the highest peaks in the Alps and has kilometers of trails mountain bikers can take on while enjoying breathtaking views.

Not only is mountain biking an enjoyable experience, but it also has a lot of health benefits so there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t partake in this activity. And if you want to do it, you need to make sure you do it right and go on one of the best bike Verbier tours.

Why bike in Verbier?

Verbier is a mountain biker’s paradise for multiple reasons. It has a bike park with 7 tracks, all accessible by lift, and there is a track for everybody, regardless of your preferences and skills. The tracks stretch between Les Fontânes (2,475m) and Verbier (1,535m).

If you’re a fan of downhill biking, you will marvel at the park’s 6 kilometers of downhill tracks that have a 700-meter vertical drop in altitude. This makes it perfect for more experienced bikers who are looking for an adrenaline rush, but that doesn’t mean beginners can’t join in on the fun.

There are a total of four downhill tracks that stretch over 20 kilometers. Also, there are four different types of trails: green is for beginners, blue is for intermediates, and red and black are for daring experts. Out of those 20 kilometers, roughly 10% consists of green trails, 20% blue, 40% red, and 30% black.

One of the newest additions to the Verbier bike park is located on the La Tzoumaz side of the mountain, where mountain biking beginners can get accustomed to riding on mountain terrain.

To get to the Verbier bike park, you need to take a lift system that goes up to a height of 3,300 meters and provides you with a breathtaking 360-degree view you will never forget.

The bike park is open every summer from early June to late October and if you’re an experienced rider, you will have no issues choosing what trails you want to try out.

If you want to ensure your mountain bike Verbier experience is safe and organized, you should go on a mountain biking tour. This is the best way to ensure you’re going to take on all of the best terrains and see the magnificent views.

Best mountain bike tours in Verbier

Two men riding bikes in a mountain

Without further ado, here are some of the best mountain bike Verbier tours.

Family-friendly mountain bike trails

If you’re looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy, take a telecabine to Le Châble and then a cable car to Savoleyres where you will find yourself at an altitude of 2350 meters. From there, you can take a 16 kilometers steady descent and go on a four-hour tour that spans 34 kilometers.

Downhill MTB Trails

Verbier is famous for its downhill tracks that suit all levels of expertise. There is a mixture of open, rocky riding and three-lined tracks so there is something for everyone to enjoy themselves and test their abilities.

There are a total of seven downhill MTB tracks, all of which you can access by taking the Chaux Express to Les Fontânes or by taking the Medran lift from the center of Verbier. For the beginner, expert, and advanced riders, there is one marked trail each and there are four red trails for advanced riders.

Some of the MTB tours include:

  • MTB 14 – La Croix du Six Blanc . This tour spans 34 kilometers and the route it takes is Le Châble – La Côt – La Vinteure – Moay – La Croix du Six Blanc – Le Tseppi – Momin – Champsec – Le Châble. If you want to take this tour, you can do so from the end of June to mid-September.
  • MTB 13Les Mayens de Bruson. With a slightly shorter route of 29 kilometers, this tour follows the route Le Châble – La Côt – Mayens du Mont-Brun – Sembrancher – Vollèges – Le Châble. Just like the previous tour, this one is available from the end of June to mid-September.
  • MTB 17 – Cabane Brunet. And one even shorter route of just 19 kilometers, if you take this, you will follow the route  Lourtier – Barmasse – Plénadzeu – La Cougne – Cabane Brunet – La Cougne – Plénadzeu – Barmasse – Lourtier.

There are many more MTB tours and you can do research on them to find out which one suits you best.

Enduro MTB Trails

If you’re looking for a real challenge and want to test your endurance, look no further than the Enduro MTB trails.

There are a total of 23 Enduro tours for all levels of expertise, but let’s take a look at some of the most famous ones:

  • Enduro 19 (beginner) Moay – Le Châble. This is a very simple 10.5-kilometer route, which is an easy and direct downhill drop that starts at Moay, passes through Les Mayens de Bruson, and finishes at Le Châble.
  • Enduro 13 (advanced) Croix de Coeur – Planards. Even though this tour is only 2.5 kilometers long, it will give you a good workout while taking you through picturesque scenery.
  • Enduro 17 – Col de Mille (expert). This tour is a regional highlight that spans 11.3 kilometers and provides you with 2,000 meters of single-track descents.

Finally, we can’t talk about enduring trails without mentioning Tour du Mont Fort, easy rider, and pro rider.

The first one is a route with some lift access that covers 48km of trails and only has 511 meters of climbing, which leaves you with 3,256 meters of pure descent. This tour isn’t too physically demanding and is filled with great views.

The pro rider version, on the other hand, is a challenging trail that spans 59 kilometers, has a height gain of 2,000 meters, and has a whopping 3,112 meters of descents. This tour won’t only give you a great workout, but also a great view of Mont Blanc from the Col des Gentianes.

Lift access

Lifts are open from early June until mid-September. If you choose to go via a cable car, you can bring your bike fully inside, and if you go by gondola or a chairlift, you can use one of the specifically adapted racks that are placed on the side.

If you use the lift system, you can access many more trails for riders of all levels and spend more time on the alpine terrain without having to climb too much.

You can buy lift passes at the lift station which works on an individual ascent basis, but if you’re planning to use the lifts for multiple days, you should get a Pass Sports Activity Pass. This pass provides you with unlimited access to all cable cars and main lifts for six days.

During the summer months, yellow Post buses that have a route between Le Chable and Verbier can hold up to six bikes as they come with specially adapted racks on the back. You can use these racks from mid-May to mid-October, but you will have to pay a small fee for using them.

If you want to ensure your place on one of these buses, it’s best to book a seat in advance.

Bike and equipment

Man riding a bike on a mountain trail in Verbier

You can visit one of multiple Verbier bike rental shops that have full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. The price of renting a bike can vary, but you can expect to pay anywhere between €16 ($18) and €80 ($95) per day.

Aside from a bike, you will need:

  • Plenty of water. Fit two bottle cages to your bicycle that can hold 750ml bottles so you can beat the heat.
  • Sunscreen. The combination of the hot summer sun and the thin air in the mountains can make anyone’s skin burn.
  • Windbreaker jacket. Even though it’s warm outside, you will have to deal with a lot of wind as you take your descents.
  • Food. If you’re planning on spending the entire day biking, don’t forget to bring snacks.
  • Cellphone. In case of an emergency, it’s important to have a cellphone so you can contact someone.
  • Money. If you want to stop and get a drink or something to eat in one of the best restaurants in Verbier after your drive.
  • Basic repair kit. If a minor issue occurs with your bike, you will be able to fix it and continue with your ride.


Mountain biking is a thrilling experience no matter where you do it, but doing it in Verbier surrounded by the magnificent Alps is a whole new level. No matter if you have your own bike or go through Verbier bike rental, taking even just one bike Verbier tour will be an unforgettable experience.

And after a long and challenging ride, you’re going to need a place where you can rest and relax. Luckily, you can find the perfect real estate for rent on our listings. So grab your bike, bring all the necessary equipment, and don’t forget to have fun.