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October 26, 2021

The Best Children’s Ski Lessons in Verbier

A group of children skiing

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Skiing is a fun activity and every child should learn how to ski if they want to enjoy the best winter activities in Verbier. When it comes to taking ski lessons, they need to be enjoyable and interesting. Otherwise, the children taking the lessons will get bored and lose their enthusiasm.

Whether your children have never strapped on a pair of skis or they need to improve their skiing, you can sign them up for lessons at one of the best children’s ski lessons in Verbier. There are many different schools to choose from, but before we go through the best ones, let’s see some tips on choosing children’s ski lessons in Verbier.

5 tips to know before choosing your ski school

Not all schools are created equal. If you want to send your children to the best school for their age and skiing level, consider these five tips.

Decide between private and group lessons

In group lessons, you can find the perfect group where your child will learn with other skiers that are on a similar level. If you opt for private lessons, you can hire a one-on-one instructor. The type you choose depends on your child’s needs and what they want to accomplish.

While group lessons are more affordable, private lessons give you more time with the instructor since they’re personalized.

Know what level your child is on

If you opt for group lessons, you need to know exactly what level your child is on, whether they’re a complete beginner or if they have some level of skill. Ski schools typically perform the skier’s level assessment before their first lesson so the instructor knows what to focus on.

Know the location of the meetup

Every ski school has a meeting point and you need to find out where it is so you can figure out how to reach it from your accommodation in time.

Check if you can purchase a beginner ski pass

Verbier offers special discount passes that are specifically for beginners that lead to the nursery slopes on the ski area. But before you purchase one, check with the ski school you choose to see if they recommend it.

Learn what equipment you need

There are some basic items your child will need for their first ski lesson such as a ski jacket and trousers, goggles, gloves, boots, poles, and of course, skis. You can rent out most if not all of the equipment.

The best children’s ski lessons in Verbier

A group of children wearing ski gear on a mountain

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There’s no need to do your own research since we’ve prepared a list of the best children’s ski lessons in Verbier for you to choose from.

Skischule Fantastique

Those with a bit more experience can learn off-piste skiing from teachers at this school who learned it from Denis Bertholet, an off-piste pioneer. Teachers also offer lessons on regular slopes for the children that want to improve their skills on regular slopes.

Adrenaline Ski School

This professional ski school has courses for adults and children, and those for the younger crowd are centered on fun and safety. It’s a great choice for those who want to work in a more private environment as they allow only four students per group.

Altitude Ski and Snowboard School

Perfect for all ages and levels, this school teaches children in small groups, explaining the basic and more complicated skiing methods in a fun and playful way. It also offers advanced and off-piste lessons as well as private one-on-one lessons. An interesting fact about this school is that it offers courses in ten different languages.

European Snowsport

In this school, you can choose between a private teacher and group courses. But no matter which one you choose, you can be sure that your children will see progression in their lessons. The teachers are very experienced and will help all students with their individual weaknesses.

Powder Extreme

Skiing isn’t the only thing to do in Verbier and perhaps your child prefers snowboarding over skiing. If that’s the case, you should enroll them in the Powder Extreme school which is ideal for snowboarders.

Warren Smith Ski Academy

This is an internationally famous ski school and they have locations in all of the best ski areas around the world, including Verbier. Only the best and most experienced professionals work here and they teach their students a lot of secret tips and tricks about the surrounding ski area.

Freeride Verbier

Finally, the last on our list of the best children’s ski lessons in Verbier is Freeride Verbier. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to explore the terrain away from the official slopes. Their teachers’ top priorities are fun and safety.

Skiing areas for beginners

A group of children skiing

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Verbier may have a reputation for being a challenging resort, but don’t be discouraged by that. The massive Four Valleys area has many slopes where beginners and inexperienced skiers can practice their skills. Specifically, there are two nursery slopes where anyone can practice their first turns.

Bring your children to the bottom of the main ski lifts and let them choose between one of these two areas:

  • Les Esserts beginner area. This is the largest beginner area and it’s located near the Hameau bus stop, just above the resort. There, you can find a magic carpet and a drag lift that links to the Le Rouge ski area, which has more inclined runs that are slightly longer and great for progressing beginners.
  • Les Moulins beginner area. You can find this area at the heart of Verbier. It also has a drag lift and a magic carpet but it’s slightly smaller than Les Esserts. This area is mostly used by the Ecole Suisse de Ski school but anyone who wants to enjoy a non-challenging area can join.

When your children gain enough confidence on these slopes, they can slowly progress to more challenging areas.

Bonus tips

If you want your children to learn how to ski and be aware of the essential tips for skiing in Verbier, you should enroll them in a skiing school. There, they’ll be able to meet other children of similar age and get the best possible education from skiing professionals.

Some ski schools even offer daycare and lunch for full-day or half-day lessons, so you will have more time for yourself on the slopes while your children have a fun and educational time.

When should your child learn to ski?

Ski schools usually accept students starting at 2.5-3 years old, but if your child is that young, we recommend hiring a private ski instructor. For children aged 4 and under, you can sign them up for a combined program where they will learn the basics of skiing and do other activities.

Children aged 4-5 and over are encouraged to join regular group ski lessons.

If your children are interested in learning snowboarding, schools will accept them if they are 7 to 10 and older. Since snowboarding requires more leg muscle development and good coordination, stamina, and balance, the earliest they should start is 7 years old just to be sure they’re safe.

What do the lessons look like?

Children between the ages of 3 and 4 can join most ski schools, which offer special programs that combine short ski lessons and various activities in the snow garden. Some schools take their students to Jardin de Neige, which is a great area where kids are safe while learning how to ski.

As we already mentioned, children aged 4-5 can join normal group ski lessons that last for 2 or 3 hours.

In certain ski schools, you can find group lessons for older children and teenagers that also sometimes teach freestyle, freeride, and off-piste techniques. However, not all schools offer this. If you can’t find one that does but still want your child to learn those skills, it’s best to hire a private instructor.

One final tip

Never send your children to school without snacks or a little money. They should always be able to buy their own snacks and drinks during the day. And make sure to send them to school with a note in their pocket with your contact information.


Verbier is the perfect resort for a family winter vacation, but there’s no point in bringing the whole family if the youngest members can’t ski. Instead of teaching them yourself, leave the job to the professionals who will ensure your children learn the right techniques and stay safe.

Just pick one of the best children’s ski lessons in Verbier, enroll them in a school, and pretty soon you’ll be able to take them along with you when you ski. And if you plan to move to Verbier or stay there for long periods, you should check out Verbier real estate for sale and get the best accommodation in this famous ski resort.