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August 16, 2021

15 Best Bars and Clubs in Verbier

Verbier is best known for its beautiful snowy landscapes because most tourists only come for winter holidays when they ski and explore the magnificent Swiss Alps.

But did you know that Verbier also has a lot to offer to those who are profound coffee lovers as well as clubbing and nightlife enthusiasts? Indeed, Verbier also takes pride in its rich bar and club selection that will surely garner more and more interest from the tourists in the years to come.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look below and find out more about the top bars and clubs Verbier has to offer at the moment.

Ice Cube Bar

This bar has to be listed among other top-notch Verbier bars that you need to visit. It’s located on the piste down from the Medran top station.

The Ice Cube bar is a piste-side bar and a great place to take a break during your ski day or just chill and enjoy a beautiful view. It serves a wide array of hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and snacks. These will be more than enough to get you through a full day of skiing and sunbathing.

Of course, you also get to enjoy hot beverages if you’re into coffee or hot chocolate. You can also try cold alcoholic drinks if you like to take an afternoon après-ski drink every once in a while.

Le Mouton Noir Bar

A woman DJ in Le Mouton Noir Bar

Le Mouton Noir Bar is one of the most popular Verbier bars among tourists who come to Verbier every year. The bar has a panoramic terrace for up to 1,000 people, there is a DJ that keeps the crowd going, and there are even dancers that make the whole atmosphere electric!

Le Mouton Noir Bar is located right next to the top of the Medran lift station and it can be accessed easily both by pedestrians and people who are skiing. The bar also offers a self-service restaurant along with a gourmet restaurant with table service.

However, all of the visitors praise the magical views and the entertainment. Those are the reasons why people flock to this place once they arrive in Verbier.

Farinet South Bar & Nightclub

Farinet South Bar & Nightclub is a prime example of the buzzing Verbier nightlife.

This bar is famous for its sports events and its famous pool table. Farinet South Bar & Nightclub is showing live sports every day on eight giant HD screens and a 72’ projector screen. You simply won’t find a better place to watch a game of football or basketball.

However, this bar also has a wide array of international and local craft beers, a diverse food menu, daily specials, and a lot more to offer to people who don’t come in to watch sports events.

Once the sports event for the day finishes, the music goes up with a live DJ every night until early in the morning.

L’Étoile Club

L’Étoile Club poster

L’Étoile Club is another popular nightclub and late-night dancing hotspot. So, if you want to get a piece of that electric Verbier nightlife, this is another place that you should visit.

The club is, in fact, the largest nightclub in Verbier. They take special pride in the fact that the club always offers an exciting artistic program with resident DJs and internationally popular guest DJs.

However, keep in mind that this nightclub is exclusively open from midnight during the winter season. The club is designed for nightlife and nightlife only.

Cordée Des Alpes Lounge Bar

Cordée Des Alpes Lounge Bar is a chic alpine lounge bar with great cocktails, sophisticated alcoholic beverages, and exceptional tea. It’s located in a luxurious 4-star hotel that is near the Palace Centrale. The location is known as the heart of Verbier.

This bar breathes class thanks to its cozy log fire in the winter and a chic interior. This kind of atmosphere is both sophisticated and warm so that all the guests can feel comfortable and welcome. It offers a wide range of traditional beverages such as beers, wines, and spirits. The bar takes special pride in its selection of divine homemade cocktails.

Last but not least, you absolutely need to try their magical combination of a cup of tea spiced up with champagne.

Le Rouge

Le Rouge bar exterior

Le Rouge Restaurant & Après-Ski is located high up in the mountain at an exciting altitude of almost 1550m. This unique place is accessible by ski, sled, foot, bus, or car. Le Rouge has direct access to the main ski track.

This place is a multi-faceted establishment with a classy and stylish interior and one of the best Verbier bars and restaurants. The idea behind this place was to make it feel like a cozy chalet and that’s exactly what the designers achieved thanks to the mixture of old wood, modern materials, and sheepskin throws.

The restaurant also offers two huge terraces that offer great views and unforgettable experiences. In a word, this place is a must-visit Verbier restaurant!

Bar 1936

This is a very special bar located between Les Ruinettes and Verbier that is accessible from the Medran cable car, chair lift, and the slopes.

Bar 1936 is known for its two unique yurts serving drinks and food high up at 1740m. It has 30 seats available inside and 100 more on the terrace. This makes Bar 1936 a truly unique Verbier bar that will let you enjoy your drink and soak up in the sun high up in the mountain.

You’ll find the bar when you start your descent from Les Ruinettes to Verbier. When the weather is fine and the sun is out, the house band comes to entertain guests and they stay until 5 pm.

Keep in mind, however, that this bar is one of the cheaper Verbier bars and that’s why you’ll often have a hard time finding a seat or two for you and your significant other.

Farm Club

Farm Club interior

Farm Club is the first place that comes to mind to a lot of regular Verbier tourists when someone mentions Verbier nightlife. However, bear in mind that it is also famous for its high prices.

Simply put, Farm Club is the number one most expensive and luxurious club in Verbier. So, you can expect a lot of glamour and fame once you enter. In other words, expect to see some famous people there.

Fer à Cheval

If you appreciate delicious pizza, this is a place you should not miss out on. Fer à Cheval is a lively après-ski Verbier bar that you have to visit.

This pizzeria/bar has 40 seats available and offers a warm family atmosphere to its guests. If you plan on coming to Verbier with your family, definitely consider Fer à Cheval.

The place has two levels. The upper level is great for après ski with music and a vivacious atmosphere while the lower level offers a relaxed dining environment.

Central T-Bar

Central T-Bar is located on the Palace Centrale right under the Central Hotel. The place is popular both among foreigners and locals.

The bar is a cozy and stylish cocktail bar that serves great coffee and delicious homemade cakes during the daytime. Also, if you’re a big fan of sushi, you have to try it at Central T-Bar.

The interior is gorgeous, dominated by leather sofas, wooden feature walls, and a stunning fireplace. It doesn’t get more alpine than that.

Big Ben Pub

Big Ben Pub is a casual pub-like bar and restaurant that has been in Verbier since 1975. It serves beers, wine, shots, cocktails, and food platters. It is a rather relaxed bar that is located in the heart of Verbier.

Big Ben has a small terrace in front where tourists come to enjoy the winter sun. The bar occasionally hosts quiz nights, bar games, and pool tournaments.

Pub Mont Fort Bar

The Pub Mont Fort is a beautiful place located in a historic building behind the Medran lift station. It’s a hotspot of wild nights and it’s almost always crowded. The atmosphere is great, the prices are fair, and live music is a pretty common occasion there.

On top of that, Pub Mont Fort Bar offers weekly drinks promotions, popular events, fancy dress parties, sporting events, good food, tapas options, and more. All of this makes Pub Mont Fort a very attractive Verbier bar.

Le Couloir Bar & Restaurant

Le Couloir is a bar & restaurant closely located to the base of the Le Châble gondola.

The food is freshly made in-house at the Le Couloir. This means that everything is homemade, from the burger buns to the pizza bases, curries, fries, and desserts.

The bar offers thirty seats in a warm and friendly atmosphere that is adored by both locals and tourists. And it’s open all year round!

Offshore Cafe & Restaurant

This is a famous coffee bar that was founded back in 1986 in Verbier.

The team behind this cafe is dedicated to providing all guests with the best value for their money. Offshore Cafe only uses fresh and recently bought ingredients in every single menu item.

The coffee is great, the pancakes are delicious, and their breakfasts are a must-try. The lunch and dinner menu is also great, but the best bit about it is that it also caters to vegetarians.

Of course, they have delicious ice creams and milkshakes too if you want something for dessert.

Crock No Name Bar

Some would say that Crock No Name Bar is as speakeasy as it can get. This is a small cozy bar great for après ski and a quick chat with your friends. The atmosphere is very friendly and warm and that’s what a lot of tourists cherish the most.

Crock No Name Bar often features live music and theme evenings. The bar also has an outdoor terrace with additional seats for warm winter days and evenings. If you like busy old-school places, definitely give this bar a try.

Final words

These were some of the best places to chill, dine, and wine in Verbier. You should definitely visit at least a few of these bars and restaurants when you arrive.

If you love to relax after skiing or a good night out, Verbier is the place to go. All you need to do is check Verbier real estate for rent, book your accommodation and look forward to your holiday in this luxury ski resort.